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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What size should I order?

For our convertible skirts, your first choice is if your should buy a regular size or a plus size. Our regular sizes fit a size 0 to a size 22. Our plus sizes fit a size 14 to a size 30. If you are a size 14 to a size 22 you can chose a regular size or plus size style. The plus size will give you more coverage and gives you more fabric to style with than the regular size.

The second choice you have is the length of the skirt you want. Our skirts come in three different lengths: mini, midi, and maxi. Our mini is 25 inches long and is mainly worn as a regular skirt and a top. This skirt is perfect for year round wear as it can be worn with shorts in the summer or with leggings in the winter. It also is great for kids and can be worn in all 100 styles on girls ages 5 and up. Our midi is 30 inches long and can be worn as all of the 100 ways to wear. When the skirt is worn in some of the dresses styles it does become a mini dress so if you are wanting more coverage a maxi is suggested. The maxi, which is 36 inches long, can be worn as all of the 100 ways to wear styles and reaches just above the knee when worn as a dress.  


In what lengths and widths do the convertible skirts come in?

Short – 25″
Medium – 30″
Long – 36"

The lengths are the same for “one size” and plus size.

The width-

One Size Wrap Skirt – 50″ (the straps by themselves are 36″ in addition to the 50″)
Plus Size Wrap Skirt – 65″ (the straps by themselves are 36″ in addition to the 50″)


Can the convertible skirts be worn as maternity clothing?

Having a child of your own is definitely one of the greatest blessings that can happen to your life.  But among all the problems of pregnant women have while awaiting the due date, one of the biggest challenges is trying to dress for your ever-changing body.

With the Iris Impressions' convertible magic wrap skirt this will never be an issue. This convertible wrap skirt transitions effortlessly from a skirt to a dress to a top to compliment your ever growing baby bump. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to say goodbye to this seasons trends or break the bank for a dress you'll only wear for a few months. Iris Impressions lets you stay in style while enjoying clothes that you can wear even after the baby is born, since every skirt fits sizes zero through twenty-two. 


Are the convertible skirts made for a specific age group?

Absolutely not! Our skirts are appropriate for all ages. You may want to consider shorter lengths for children. Our skirts have been purchased for girls as young as 5 and for women of all ages! 


How should I wash my convertible wrap skirt?

We  recommend washing the wrap skirts by hand in cold water and hang to dry. This will insure that the skirt will not lose its color over time.


Can the tie of the skirt come loose?

At Iris Impressions we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality products that we can. That said all of our skirts and dresses are 100% safe, strong and stitched to last! When wearing your new skirt you can tie your skirt firmly every worrying about it coming loose. 


Can I wear wrap skirts in the winter?

Wear your skirt with pair of jeans, a cardigan and even a leather jacket. The skirt also looks great with a pair of tall boots. Iris Impressions' skirts go with everything!


How do I style the skirts?

We do sell DVDs that provide step-by-step instructions but we also have a how to style section. In this section we have brochures that display the top styles for our convertible wrap skirts and dresses.  

Learn how to style now at:


What does one of kind mean?

One of a kind means that there is only ONE of that skirt/dress made. The print and colors are unique to that skirt or dress. We can't find the same skirt/dress in a different size, color or fabric. While this may seem cumbersome it also means that you will be the only person with that certain skirt or dress.