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Iris Impressions / Mermaid in Heels

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As a blogger, I am always on the lookout for something unique. I was so excited when I found this brand called Iris Impressions because of their unique and innovative fashion wear. Iris Impressions carries a variety of skirts and dresses that you can wear a multitude of ways... [Read More]

Iris Impressions – A Convertible, Reversible Skirt / Three Different Directions

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My time spent in Indiana last week was really incredible with an abundance of tomatoes and scenic farm land. You think you've seen it all and then get surprised at some point. And that's what happened to me when the Red Gold crew set up dinner at... [Read More]

the dress with many faces / redreticule

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Whenever the shopping fever gets me itchy, I pull out an "unloved" piece and style it in as many ways as I possibly can. I love transparency and simplicity, ergo I like to have an organized closet where I can see each garment. You saw me HERE style the most basic sweater dress in... [Read More]

Convertible Dress / LIPGLOSS AND CANYONS

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Phew, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend. Yesterday, my dear friend got married. It was an amazing day filled with family and celebration. We stayed up too late, danced for hours, drank more wine than usual, and dressed up... [Read More]

Creating a Fall Fashion Look with Iris Impressions / Jennifer Sikora

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During October in Kentucky the weather is mild. It’s not hot, but it’s not cold either. However the time for open toed high heels has ended, so I have to find other ways to rock my favorite dresses, so I use ankle boots to do that. I recently received a gorgeous wrap dress from Iris... [Read More]

Iris Impressions Kakkoii Wrap Dress Review / Organic Runner Mom

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You probably didn’t know that I am a closet fashion lover. While I am usually dressed in some kind of spandex workout or running gear I actually have a great love for clothes for everyday wear and for getting dressed up and going out too. I was recently asked to pick out a dress from Iris Impressions... [Read More]