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Wrap Skirts
Wrap yourself in fashion with our convertible wrap skirts. Designed to be worn in a host of different styles, these wrap skirts have the flexibility to take you anywhere, and instantly upgrade the uniqueness of your everyday style.

Wrap Yourself in Luxury Today

You’re sitting poolside in a brand new red bathing suit, relaxing from your dip in the pool. You’re on vacation, ready to enjoy a lunch overlooking the ocean. The weather is perfect, the sun isn’t too hot, and your beach hat blocks the sun from your eyes perfectly. You dried your body off, re-applied sunscreen, but the thing you want to do is shield your gorgeous bathing suit with a large T-shirt.

You want to show off your style, so why cover up?

With your Iris Impressions convertible wrap skirt, you can wrap your body up without hiding it. With a convertible wrap skirt, you decide how you wish to style the skirt. If you want to wear a maxi skirt, just tie the skirt around your waist, and you’re covered (without being covered up). You’ll be able to grab lunch, look radiant, and still show off your bathing suit. You’re going to go swimming again, after all.

If you want to just cover up your shoulders and wear the wrap skirt as a shawl, you can do so. Styling the skirt as a shawl is great for sitting by the pool with a good book in your hand. You have 100 choices for styling your skirt, so take each day as a new opportunity to stand out.

However you may choose to style, we know you’ll look great. Don’t keep yourself under wraps; style yourself with a wrap skirt.

Your Options Aren’t Limited

A traditional wrap skirt is a skirt which wraps around the waist and is secured by tying. A popular wrap skirt is a “sarong,” which is usually worn over swimwear as a skirt, dress, or top. Many wrap skirts are made so their fit can be adjusted for a variety of waist and hip sizes. Wrap skirts are usually made with a softer fabric for light, easy comfort.

Maybe you have had trouble finding a wrap skirt and the variety is usually limited. That’s why we’re here to offer you a variety of convertible wrap skirts, ranging from 25 inch-mini skirts to 36-inch maxi skirts. These skirts are designed for easy day-to-night transitions (and, of course, pool-to-lunch transitions). Show us your style thoughts by outlining your individuality. When you’re at the pool soaking up some rays, the last thing you want to do is cover up your swimsuit. (Just remember the sunscreen!)

An Iris Impressions wrap skirt looks great with simple accessories. These skirts look great on their own with minimal accessory. Pair your skirt with a timeless clutch and a pair of neutral shoes. Your dress says it all.

Wrap Yourself in a Skirt (Or Dress. Or Top.)

If you’re in the mood for fashion that never gets boring, an infinity wrap skirt may be just what you’re looking for.

If you want to look bold and enjoy the warm weather without sweltering in the sun, wrap yourself in convertible bliss today. Don’t cover yourself up in an over-sized baggy shirt. Show yourself off!

Just as you transition from day to night-time styles, you can transform from skirt to dress styles. For a step-to-step visual of how you can style your convertible wrap today, we also offer you a styling DVD. Designed to inspire you, our wrap skirts are pieces for every woman to wear.

We don’t believe in “one style fits all.” Be casual, be formal. Be you.