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Summer Skirts
Get ready for the sunshine with our summer skirt collection! Perfectly flexible for enjoying the warm weather, wear these skirts wherever you go and bask in their endless style.

Make the Living Even Easier in a Summer Skirt

A summertime barbeque is a perfect late May activity. The weather is finally getting nicer, your boots are replaced with sandals and flip-flops, and your winter coats are nowhere to be found.

Having a barbeque is more than just about eating burgers and drinking fresh iced tea. It’s about the statement you make in your outfit. The 80 degree weather calls for summer skirts, but you’re tired of all the outfits you consistently wore last year. You haven’t bought anything new, but you don’t want to shell out all of your money.

If you have a long weekend planned ahead of you, don’t settle for having to buy dozens of dresses, wearing them once, and storing them in your closet until the next season. If you’re wondering how you can look summer fun without constantly reaching for your wallet, you can make a statement in an Iris Impressions convertible summer skirt. With a convertible summer skirt, you’re buying 100 different outfits in one.

A staple in every woman’s closet, summer skirts are effortlessly chic for every summer occasion, whether formal or casual. But who wants to keep spending money on new skirts and shirts to pair with your skirts?

Your barbeque is one of the many summer events you have planned this season. Pool parties, campfires, and outdoor concerts are some of the blank canvases you have to paint with your summer outfit.

Ranging from short mini skirts to sexy long maxi dresses, the Iris Impressions summer skirts can take you from a cool summer festival to a cocktail party.

If you’re looking for something lightweight, but colorful and artistic, you need to look no farther. You may look scorching in your outfit, but you’re enjoying the balmy, summertime breezes.

Why We’re Different

A traditional summer skirt is only one style, and you don’t have the flexibility to be creative with your dress. You can accessorize by jewelry and purses, but you can’t make the dress a different length (unless you want to add some fabric). You don’t have that problem with a convertible summer skirt.

Many summer skirts tend to be “one-season,” “trendy,” and “out-dated” within a single year. Once fall comes, you can forget about wearing your summer dress again. Your convertible summer skirt is there for you for years to come. Its style? Never outdated. Your look? Always fashionable.

The Iris Impressions summer skirt puts the finishing touches on what makes you, you. Even when running errands, you can look like you’re off to a formal dinner afterwards. As a reversible dress or skirt, you’re guaranteed to make people stop and stare.

Prepare for Your Photo-Op

If you’re in the craving fashion that never gets boring, a convertible summer skirt is the piece of clothing you need in life. The sidewalk is your runway, so walk down the catwalk in your awe-inspiring skirt.

Make Multi-Statements with a Convertible Summer Skirt

Looking for added coverage?

Your summer skirt can be worn as a halter dress. For a relaxing spa day, go strapless and let your dress do the talking. If you want to add your own skirt, wear the skirt as a festive top. If you can think up an idea in your mind, you can apply it to the skirt. Ask your friends, style it in front of your full-body mirror, or get some style inspiration from your favorite models.

Versatility and flexibility are two terms we live by, and so should you.

Transform yourself by transforming your outfit.