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Silk Skirts
Enjoy endless everyday possibilities with these unique silk skirts. Convertible to wear in a host of different styles, our convertible silk skirts unfold limitless fashion and flair for your wardrobe.

Wrap Yourself in Silk Wherever you May Go

It all began with your favorite childhood silk blanket: your little piece of security and comfort since birth, you never slept without it. Hand-sewn, embroidered with your first and middle name, and crocheted around the edges, this blanket got you through pre-school, elementary school, and even middle school. Your first memories involve the blanket. When someone told you to put it away in your closet, you did just the opposite.

It was your piece of comfort when the winters were long, and the days were short. Even when you grew up and moved, it moved with you. Your blanket stayed with you even when the edges frayed and the lettering faded.

You don’t grow out of comfort and security, so we crafted a convertible skirt as a go-to favorite item in your closet to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A staple for every occasion, you never have to think twice when deciding what you want to wear.

You loved your silk blanket, so we created a convertible silk skirt to bring back those childhood memories.

Your silk skirt is the lavish staple in your closet, worn with your favorite blouse and ballet flats. It’s worn with a sweater and a pair of tights for the ultimate winter comfort. It’s wrapped around you to keep you comfortable, no matter where you are. It doesn’t leave your side.

A silk skirt is a skirt which is soft, lightweight, and perfect for warmer weather. Silk keeps you cool in the summertime and is an excellent choice for a day out in the sun.

Comfort Never Goes Out of Style

We want to keep your childhood memories or vivid as possible, so we created a skirt to secure those memories for you. Whether you’re walking your dog through the park or enjoying a Sunday picnic, this skirt will make a statement while never becoming dated.

This skirt looks great paired with shorts in the summertime. It isn’t just for the summertime though; it’s for any season. Silk may be a lighter fabric, but it’s not too light to double as a year-round fabric. In fact, these silk skirts work wonderfully with leggings or jeans to provide optimal warmth and radiate beauty. However, it can be paired with leggings or heavier fabrics for optimal warmth in the cooler months.

We offer you a variety of skirts of three lengths: mini, midi and maxi. You have the option to do with your fabric as you choose. Each piece, regardless of length, can be converted to fit your style desires.

Your silk blanket was timeless, and your silk skirt should be too.

Unlike your Typical Silk Dress

The Iris Impressions silk skirt is made of a silk and viscose blend. The Iris Impressions silk skirt is convertible, creating an opportunity for 100 different styles. Silk is great for the summer, but the Iris Impressions skirt is formal enough to be ideal for an evening out.

If you’re styling a piece, such as the “Pink Flowers Silk Wrap Skirt,” as a halter dress, you can pair the dress with some black simple sandals. The dress says it all, and if you’re going to wear it on vacation, let your personality shine with an additional flower in your hair!

Transform Yourself With A Silk Skirt

Your convertible silk skirt is a dress one day, and a skirt the next. Looking to elongate your legs? Wear the skirt as a mini with some brown or black wedge heels.

We craft our dresses to fit nearly all women’s bodies, but we let you take the steering wheel in choosing what you creatively do with your piece. We may be one-size-fits-most, but we are not one-style-fits-most.

Slip into a lustrous silk skirt today.