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Short Skirts
Add some fun and flexibility to your wardrobe with our collection of convertible short skirts! Let these skirts take you anywhere, and experience limitless possibilities of style in your everyday life.

Short Skirt Without Being Short on Possibilities

You’re a busy, you’re active, and you never stop moving. Whether shopping for produce to perfect your latest recipe, running to events, or visiting friends in town, you want to be comfortable whatever you are doing, and wearing the right clothing is where it all begins.

You love wearing mini skirts, but you can’t always find the right day-time pieces. You don’t want to look risque, and you don’t want to wear a short skirt that only consists of fabric that’s fingertips-length. You want a skirt unlike anything else, but you’re not always given those options in traditional clothing stores.

You don’t want a tight, bodycon skirt, but a loose, fun skirt that does all the talking for you.

You’re as busy as you are fashionable, but you don’t want to have to wear jeans or boring sweatpants when you’re running around doing errands or meeting up with friends for coffee. You want to feel comfortable, but you want to look phenomenal.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an adjustable skirt to fulfill your every need? You just want a skirt that you can change the length of depending on your mood and activities. If it starts to get cooler during the day, the most you can do is hope that you left a sweater in the car.

What you need is a convertible skirt --- a skirt that can take you from the sunniest locations to the coolest evening hours. A skirt that is mini one hour and maxi the next.

Versatile and functional, an Iris Impressions convertible short skirt is perfect when worn as a short skirt, but it isn’t short on other styling options. With 25 inches of fabric to style, only you are the voice behind the style of your skirt.

You want fun, but you want flexibility. Don’t buy another pair of frumpy sweatpants or sacrifice style for functionality. You’re busy, and you want to look fashionable while weather-appropriate. You can do that without having to buy a pair of tights or leggings from the nearest pharmacy.

Don’t Go Unpolished: Go Convertible

An Iris Impressions short skirt is long enough to be worn as not only a mini skirt but as a dress and shirt. Traditional skirts aren’t really our style. Our style is your style, and we want to give you what you want and deserve. Don’t fall victim to another too-short skirt that only works as a risque, night-club piece. Go convertible.

We don’t call our skirts “short” because they’re just evening pieces. We crafted our short skirts to be worn during all seasons. You may think a “short” skirt is a synonym for “summer,” but that is definitely not the case. We want you to be comfortable year-round.

With 100 ways to style your skirt, you choose the style, and we provide you with some simple suggestions. With a little bit of creativity, you can find an effortless way to wear your skirt.

Less fabric does not mean less classy nor does it mean less styling opportunities. Your state of mind goes into your skirt.

We’re Flexible So You Don’t Have to Be

You want to be as flexible in your schedule as possible, it’s not always the case. Luckily for you, your clothing can be flexible. A shirt should be worn according to your wants and needs. Whether a dress is more practical for you, or a skirt suits your needs, only you can decide where your dress will take you next. (As a matter of fact, you can change the skirt as many times as you want in a day!)

We call our skirts “short skirts,” but they are not short on styling options. All Iris Impressions skirts are designed to fit your limitless fashion desires.

Style yourself today in one of our many Iris Impressions convertible short skirts.