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Midi Skirts
Add some fun and flexibility to your wardrobe with our collection of convertible midi skirts! Let these skirts take you anywhere, and experience limitless possibilities of style in your everyday life.

Midi Skirts for Mid-Day Perks

It’s Wednesday afternoon, you ran out of coffee, and you can’t stop staring at the Miami, Florida screensaver on your computer. It’s early November, and the closest palm tree to you is a three hour plane ride away.

You still have another two days at work, but you don’t need to stare at your computer screen, hoping to absorb some of the heat from your the screensaver. You’re wearing a convertible midi skirt, and this skirt can take you anywhere.

You’re polished, professional, and hard-working. Wearing a blazer, your Iris Impressions midi skirt, and your favorite pair of pair of black pumps, only you can imagine where this dress will take you next. It landed you your first job,

All that’s on your mind are the 100 ways you could style this skirt for a future vacation. Pairing this skirt with a flirty top and an edgy clutch would make you look anything but tame.

Anyone Can Wear One

An Iris Impressions midi skirt is far from difficult to style or hard to wear.

Many times, women can’t find skirts that reach knee, or “midi” length. You don’t want a midi-skirt reaching in between midi-and-maxi length, but how can you find the right length if you’re on either the shorter or taller side? Any female can wear a convertible midi skirt. And every one should.

30 inches long for nearly endless style possibilities, you call the shots when it comes to your style. You’re individual, so shouldn’t your skirt be, too?

You don’t want to feel forced to wear a heel or wedge to elongate your legs in a typical midi skirt. You should have the freedom to do as you please with your fashion.

You don’t want to have to go home and change after work before meeting up with friends or co-workers. With your midi skirt, you can go from work to happy hour without stopping at home for a new evening outfit.

Take it From Day to Night

Our skirts are converted for day-to-night looks. Wear your midi skirt as a strapless dress and pair it with some long, layered necklaces to go from day-to-night chic without even having to change. Some days you want to look romantically ethereal, while others, you want to look edgy. You have the opportunity at your fingertips to do as you please.

Long gone are the days of buying one skirt and wearing it one way for the rest of its existence.

Our skirts let you have a little fun. A midi skirt, a staple in any professional female’s life, is a great piece every woman should own, but it is even better when it can be more than just a midi skirt.

An Iris Impressions midi convertible skirt is a fun and flexible alternative to a traditional midi skirt. With a variety of opportunities, your skirt can be modified with a few fabric changes. All of our skirts can be transformed from skirts to dresses to shirts.

You work hard, so your outfit should express your diligence.

You don’t need a coffee mid-day pick-me-up; you just need a midi-skirt pick-me-up.