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Maxi Skirts
With our convertible maxi skirts, unlock a myriad of possibilities of style to add to your wardrobe. Flexible to wear at any occasion and transition through all stages of your day.

Maxi Skirts For All Body Types

Maybe you’ve skirted around wearing a certain piece of clothing because you believed it was only for certain body types. Maybe you’ve read a magazine article, which outlined different skirts you should avoid for your body type. Maybe you believe you’re unable to “pull off” a maxi, midi, or mini skirt. This is far from true.

You’re probably familiar with the maxi skirt, a skirt with a hemline that descends to a couple of inches above the ankle or to the ankle.

Anyone and everyone can wear whichever style skirt she chooses. You don’t have to worry about improper fit because with an Iris Impressions convertible maxi skirt, you can transform the skirt from a mini style, to a midi style, to a maxi style without even having to hem or add fabric.

Some maxi skirts are layered and have slits on the side to show a little leg. Other maxi skirts are more conservative, simple in color, and floor-grazing. Many maxi skirts range in length from waist to hem, but many come in three categories: small, medium, and large. No one defines your personality as “small,” “medium,” or “large,” so why should your clothing be defined by those terms?

A convertible maxi skirt is more than just a maxi skirt. It’s a skirt for women between the sizes of 0 and 14. It’s a skirt, but it’s a dress and top all in one. We aren’t defined by one size, so we shouldn’t be defined by one style, either!

We Don’t Believe in the Norms

And you shouldn’t either.

Maxi skirts can be worn both casually and formally. Maxi skirts come in a few styles --- they can be looser and more bohemian, or they can be bodycon and curve-hugging.

An Iris Impressions maxi skirt can be adjusted to fit a variety of heights and body types. Many maxi skirts are harder for a petite or taller woman to wear, but with the convertible wrap maxi skirt, you can adjust the skirt to tailor your body’s every need. Just change the wrap, and change your style.

If you’re on the taller side (lucky you), pair your skirt with a leather jacket for some added edge. Also, just because you have some height on you, doesn’t mean you can’t rock a heel!

Restyle your Convertible Maxi Skirt

It’s a mini dress! It’s a tank top! It’s a maxi skirt! Which is it? An Iris Impressions maxi convertible skirt isn’t worn during the dog-days of summer and stuffed in your closet to never be seen again. Sure, it’s great for the summer, but it’s great for the fall, spring, and winter.

If you’re like us and enjoy minimal effort when dressing, a convertible maxi skirt is as effortless and it is versatile.

If you’re a minimalist, don’t over-consume by buying countless articles of clothing. Buy something simple, embrace it, and take it with you everywhere.

All of our maxi skirts can be transformed for every season for years to come. Don’t hide your maxi skirt, show it off. Simply restyle the wrap to change your look.

You can quickly switch your maxi skirt into a mini dress by getting some inspiring ideas from our styling guide. You can take your maxi skirt and turn it into a mini, one-shouldered dress; you can make your maxi skirt into a strapless top. It’s as easy as untying and retying. You don’t have to retry, you just have to re-tie.

Remember, you’re always in vogue, so show off your beauty.