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Wrap Dresses
With dozens of ways to style, these convertible wrap dresses will transform your wardrobe. Experience no limitations and fall in love with their shape shifting ability, taking you anywhere from casual to cocktails!

Wrap Yourself in Convertible Luxury

It’s seven in the morning when the buzz of your alarm clock jolts you awake from your dreams. You hit snooze once (or maybe twice), and wake up in a frenzy, realizing you need to leave for work pronto.

Throwing on a pot of coffee, you rush to put some eyeliner and a few coats of mascara, in hopes of looking as wide-eyed and awake as you possibly can.

Realizing you have 10 minutes until you need to leave, you nearly run out the door before changing out of your pajamas. Luckily, you remember that you left your convertible wrap dress out to wear today.

Accessing the dress, you imagine the perfect way to style it today. Should you wear it as a halter-dress, or a strapless dress? But wait, maybe you want to wear it as a skirt?

With an Iris Impressions wrap dress, you don’t have one choice, nor do you have two. You have 14 styling choices.

Without having time to overthink it, you throw it on as a halter-dress and look as polished as if you spent hours getting ready. You slip your feet into a pair of wedge sandals, finish off your coffee, toss your lunch in your purse, and head out the door.

Keys in hand, you walk quickly to your car. Looking at your watch, you realize you left for work two minutes earlier than you normally leave.

Instead of spending time picking out an outfit, you let your wrap dress make the choice clear and simple.

Easy to be wrapped from one style to another, the convertible wrap dress gives you the flexibility you need to make your morning a breeze. You don’t have to stress about the impracticality of matching your skirt to your blouse. You even don’t have to worry about accessorizing.

Spending thirty minutes getting dressed in the morning is frustrating, and you never feel satisfied by your outfit choice. If you normally have a hard time trying to find just the right blouse for your skirt, or just the right accessories for your dress, you don’t have to face these difficulties any longer with a convertible wrap dress.

You pick your dress style, wrap it, and head out the door.

Maybe you usually decide to wear something more simple and basic. You choose to accentuate your outfits with a pair of shoes, but you spend endless time trying to pick the right pair. Maybe you want to find a piece of jewelry to make your outfit a little less drab, but so you normally have a hard time deciding whether to wear a cocktail ring or a long, layered necklace. Maybe you decide that neither works for your outfit.

You don’t want to overcomplicate your outfit or make it too generic. But sometimes finding the perfect balance is the most difficult part.

When you’re at work, you want to make a statement and show your originality. You’re not simple, so your outfit shouldn’t be.

The intricate details on your wrap dress says enough without adding lavish accessories. Adding a watch to your wrist is enough to complement this timeless piece.

What Makes an Iris Impressions Wrap Dress Unique

An Iris Impressions wrap dress flatters your body type in the way that you find most pleasing. It’s not just a dress: it’s a skirt, top, and one!

Wrap clothing is as convertible as it is functional. These dresses aren’t designed to “wrap,” or cover you up; these dresses are designed to show you off.

The Iris Impressions wrap dress is a wardrobe staple for any woman who likes to change her style consistently. With two layers of different patterned fabric, you can reverse your wrap and make a brand new outfit.

From work meetings to business lunches, you’ll never break a sweat in your convertible wrap dress. As office-friendly as it is style-friendly, this dress will be a piece you’ll want to drape yourself in every day of the week.

Who wants to be wearing stiff, constricting clothing at work all day anyway? You don’t have to sacrifice your professional manner by putting together pieces that make you feel like you’ll never get out of the office. Our styling DVD helps you visually learn the 14 effortless ways to style your wrap dress today.

Just because you’re stuck at work all day, doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re on vacation with your convertible wrap dress.

When 5 o’clock hits, you’ll be shouting, “Now that’s a wrap!”