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Summer Dresses
Get ready for the sunshine with our summer dress collection! Perfectly flexible for enjoying the warm weather, you can wear these dresses wherever you go and bask in their endless style.

The Endless Summer Dress

Imagine it’s 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning. You don’t have work on your mind, you don’t have bills to pay, and you don’t have lunches to pack. All thoughts of the work week are far behind.

You’re finally able to relax. The difference is you’re not stuck inside watching TV, and you’re not facing a brief five minutes of downtime before the next chore on your list. Instead, you’re looking at 48 hours of nothing but the ocean breeze.

It’s the last weekend in August. Avoiding the Labor Day crowd, you only hear the sounds of the waves crashing onto shore.

You have a cocktail in your hand, pink sand nestled between your toes, and a fruit platter at your fingertips. Your skin is beautifully sun-kissed, and and you’re sitting in a beach chair without a care in the world. You want to soak up the sun and daydream before you take a dip in the ocean ---- so that’s just what you’ll do.

You’re wearing an ethereal, flowy dress on top of your bathing suit. The dress is practical without being conventional. Flattering without being revealing. Elegant without going out-of-style.

This dress can be turned into a style of your choosing for daytime shopping and Sunday brunch. Wherever you go, this dress will go. In fact, it’s the only dress you packed for the whole weekend.

You didn’t forget to pack clothes. This is exactly what you wanted.

Your suitcase should be light. You worked hard all week, so why stress and work harder trying to decide what to pack for vacation? This is a getaway, not a “take-away.”

New clothes aren’t on your mind. You see people shopping, but you have travel on your mind. With a dress so transformative, you wonder where else it can take you.

Summer only lasts for so long, but in this dress, you always feel like you’re at the beach. Two scoops of mint chocolate-chip ice cream, the sunset, and long bike rides are all that on your mind. Whatever you aspire to do, the dress has you covered.

Styling the Dress for Your Every Occasion

Long gone are the days of buying a dress, wearing it on the beach, and packing it away until appropriate the wear again. With an Iris Impressions summer dress, you have a skirt, top, tunic, and dress without having to pack (or buy) more than one piece. If a dress isn’t functional for one aspect of your day plan, turn it into a long tunic, paired with simple leggings.

Flattering and comfortable, this summer dress is crafted with your body in mind. Your clothes take you from one place to another, and ours are crafted to fit your changing style.

You own plenty of dresses, but nothing like these summer dresses. We offer the template for your dress, but you create the look. Our dresses are just a canvas. The way you make it your own is the work of art. Make it yours. We know that you are clothes-minded, not closed-minded. Have fun with your fashion.

You’re only here for the weekend, but your dress --- here for eternity.

Stand Out From The Rest With Iris Impressions

A traditional summer dress is worn for casual occasions and may be colorful and vibrant, or simple and single-colored. Summer dresses are usually crafted in an array of lengths, from mini to midi to maxi, depending on the occasion in mind.

The Iris Impressions summer dress can be tailored (without being hemmed) to fit your unique style. Relaxed and refined, these dresses are a staple that fits into every budget.

Adorn your dress with heels for a genuine “wow” factor, or wear it with sandals for your everyday experiences. Feeling bohemian? Add a fringe handbag and some beaded sandals. Feeling dressy? Pair your dress with a sparkling black clutch. We provide you with popular ways to style these dresses in our styling guide, but you decide how you want to style. It’s simple and nearly effortless to style one of these summer dresses today.

With an Iris Impressions dress, you don’t have to spend long hours in dressing rooms, thinking about how you’ll have to hem or take in the dress to a tailor.

With 36-inches of fabric to style, these summer dresses can operate as any style of skirt and dress.

Don’t you want a wardrobe piece you can wear an infinite number of ways? Maybe you’ve tried to tie your traditional summer dress to look short and chic, or maybe you tried to wear a dress as a skirt but didn’t have much luck. With an Iris Impressions summer dress, you don’t need to look any further.

With so many colors and styles to choose from, choose your piece because it speaks to you like a piece of artwork. You don’t want to wear a replica, you want to stand out.

Feel like a beauty on the beach with your summertime chic convertible summer dress.