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Maxi Dresses
Wrap yourself in effortless beauty with our convertible maxi dresses. Perfect for any occasion, these dresses allow you to create endlessly chic looks with feminine flair.

Show Off your Feminine Flair With a Maxi Dress

You made soup from scratch for lunch, homemade blueberry pie for dessert, and fresh-squeezed lemonade for your perfect Sunday morning picnic. With a blanket and good book in hand, the only additional craving you have is some much-needed peace and quiet after a busy weekend.

With good eats, relaxing reads, and plentiful sunshine, you shouldn’t feel an ounce of stress today. Let your hair dry naturally, keep your makeup minimal, and cherish the simplicity of the day. Your outfit should be as effortless as your day, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your own personal style.

The day is relaxing, but that doesn’t mean you need to put on shorts, a t-shirt and call it a day. Deciding what to wear for a breezy, balmy day, you remember that your convertible Iris Impressions maxi dress always looks polished and chic, no matter the occasion. It’s slightly cool outside, but you don’t have to look around trying to find a cover-up for the dress. You can style the fabric as you please for additional coverage to keep you warm.

With your maxi dress, you can dress it up, or you can dress it down as you please.

We know how much you love changing your style, which is why we crafted the convertible maxi dress to be more than just a dress. Yes, it’s a personal statement piece, but it’s also able to be converted into a fashion article of your choosing.

If you feel like making your dress into a skirt for your Monday back-to-work, we have you covered. If you want to wear it as a shawl over your bathing suit, we have your back.

Long gone are the days of maxi skirts just being a summer staple; you can transform your convertible maxi dress in the fall and winter by pairing with jeans, boots, and a cardigan sweater. Who knows what you’ll be in the mood for tomorrow.

The modern woman doesn’t have the time to go shopping for different pieces of clothing every few months. The modern woman wants to stand out without having to spend her entire savings.

Your day may be simple, but you’re far from simple. Don’t let your style say otherwise.

Dresses Unlike the Rest

A typical maxi dress is worn only one way and only fits a woman of a certain height-range. Flattering as styled directly above or below the ankle, the maxi dress is an essential wardrobe staple for the everywoman. But we’re not all one size, and we’re not all one height, so why should our clothing be one size?

Iris Impressions lets you have the ability to wear a maxi dress. No tailors, no hems, no additional shopping. Now that’s the way to wear a maxi dress.

Our maxi dresses can be styled different ways with their adjustable “rings,” which change the style of the dress. The dresses are perfectly elegant and can be your go-to Sunday piece or your Saturday evening piece.

With the option of choosing between a one-ring or two-ring style, you can style the dress using a single ring, which is perfect for making “one-shoulder” dresses and front halters for more coverage.

With the “two-ring style,” the dress can be worn to show off your neckline. You still have the same number of options for styling the two dresses, but the styles just vary slightly.

If the Shoe Fits….

The Iris Impressions maxi dresses look great! Your convertible maxi looks gorgeous with a pair of flirty sandals or fashionable flip-flops.

Turning these Dresses Into Maternity Pieces

These dresses get you through every stage in your life. They are great maternity dresses, and can be worn for baby showers, casual events, and formal events. These sexy long dresses will provide you with the coverage you need during a very important (and changing) time in your life.

Convertible wrap dresses are an excellent choice for pregnant women because they can transform from a long dress to a mini dress (or top) within your nine-month pregnancy.

How your Maxi Dress Can Transform to Fit your Needs

A maxi dress that doesn’t need alterations? Iris Impressions maxi dresses can be fine-tuned to fit your body type.

From everyday casual to a sophisticated class, you can convert to the most flattering style that fits your personality.

“Maxi” just means more opportunities for styling. No matter your location or destination, this maxi dress has you covered.